Joe Aiello

Boston transplant hailing from the Southside of Chicago, son of a Teamster, grandson of a Senator, Joe works tirelessly to assure the safety and security of urban commuters and the future of high speed rail. From his time as an Executive Board Member of East Cambridge Planning Team, to acquiring his MPA - Public Administration at Northeastern University under Gov. Dukakis, Joe has been dedicated to the betterment of his community at large and pursues every opportunity to advocate for commuters. Through his current tenure as Field Coordinator for the Rail Passenger Association and as former Community Outreach Liaison for the North-South Rail Link, Joe is networking, coalition building, and campaigning for better transportation connectivity. He has won numerous advances for the field at large. 

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Madi Butler

Grassroots Activist and Small Town enthusiast, Madi has spent the last summer providing extensive coverage of the national network visiting over 25 towns in 50 days advocating for long-distance rail and rural accessibility. With a decade of nonprofit experience — including Lexington Area Musician Alliance, Food Not Bombs, multiple LGBTQIAA+ groups, Anti-Racist Action, Kentucky Workers League, CO Prop 64 Campaign, PHX No on Prop 105, Rail Passengers Association, Woodford County Humane Society, and the Woodford Theater — they are committed to the intersectional advancement of civil rights for all.

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